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Hopkinton Police Department History
(A work in progress)

The photos displayed are a collection of some of those gathered so far.  Thanks to all who have provided them.  A special thanks to Dick Bartlett who has been photographing the community for decades.  Considerable research information provided by Rick MacMillan (Hopkinton Fire Chief - Ret)


Chief Of Police

 Thomas J. Elliot - (1898)

  Mathhew A. Conlan

  Edward V. McManus  (1927-1945)



  John A. Hilditch (1946-1949)




  Charles O. Garrison (1950)

  Aurthur L. Chesmore -Acting (1950)


John A. Hilditch (1951)






  Charles O. Garrison (1952-?)

 Francis X. Bowker (1957-1987)




William J. McRobert  (1988-1999)




Thomas R. Irvin  (1999-2010)





Richard A. Flannery  (2010-2013)






Charles F. Wallace  (2013-2014

Edward Lee  (2014 - Present)









Chief Bill McRobert  

Harry Carver

Photo donated by Doris Carver
Taken by Richard Bartlett


 Officer Hank Fredette - Lucky - Chief Bowker                                                       Lucky and Hank










    Officer Leo Touzjian

Cruisers and Other Transportation









 Photo by Dick Bartlett








  This photo shows Patrolmen Frank Kaminski and a station wagon cruiser.  Station wagons were used as cruisers so that patients could be loaded into the back and rushed to the hospital.  This photo was taken in 1963 by Dick Bartlett.  The background is the fire station which also served as the police station.  The building still stands as part of the expanded fire station. 



Photo by Dick Bartlett

Photo by Dick Bartlett




 This cruiser displays the classic "bubble gum machine" light on top.  The home in the back sits on the land that the current police station stands.












  Patrolman Thomas Griffin

 Circa 1979











 The classic LTD body cruiser of the late 1970's to early 1990's.









Photo by Dick Bartlett

Photo by Dick Bartlett

Photo by Dick Bartlett





           Hopkinton Green 









   The evolution of the police cruiser has been advanced by technology.  The mechanical improvements in automobiles are well known to most people.  Inside the cruisers of the past you would likely find a radio and a first aide kit.  Now they are packed with electronics including radar, video cameras, computers and much more. 



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